How Much Longer? (Life Size)

How Much Longer? (Life Size)


48 x 24 x 52 inches

Western Red Cedar

Mother Earth bends over backwards to accommodate the ever increasing weight of humanity. In her grasp she holds the scorched earth with the North Pole marked above and South below, as well as the equator and the 70 and 80 degree latitude lines. The axis is tilted at ~ 23.5 degrees. The rotation of the Earth towards the East as well as the progression of historic time is indicated by the burn gradient increasing in intensity in a counter-clockwise direction. Early in our history, man’s deleterious influence was relatively insignificant as indicated by the rather limited burning on the globe near the woman’s right hand. Over time however, our impact has grown in severity to influence the entire planet. This is symbolized by the complete and deeply burned portion. The dividing line between burnt and un-burnt represents the present moment. Man’s hand, his influence, spans this line. It is his left hand (the hand that receives or takes), which faces out from the surface. No matter what happens, the repercussions of our actions will endure. Until the present moment, Man’s Left hand reveals its uninjured state amidst the blackened earth surrounding it. In the coming years maintaining that state will likely prove untenable. Arriving at the tipping point between the present and the future, will we continue to burn up what remains, or can we begin to reverse the cycle? How much longer can She sustain us?

Also available in bronze (see bronze gallery).

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