Point Begets Line

Point Begets Line


Western Red Cedar (wind fall)

In Geometry the existence of the point precedes creation of the line. This is evidenced in the natural world as the seed begets shoot; birth begets lifeline; destination begets journey; a celestial body begets a line of gravitational force with all other celestial bodies. In this piece, the prey begets the predator’s trajectory and purpose. The line is a metaphor for the connection between the two points…and their tied existence…within the heron is the fish and within the fish is the heron.

Exploring the concept of their interwoven lifecycles, the heron bares upon its back a form analogous to that of the fish. Reciprocally, embedded in the fish, lies a medallion of pipestone with the character for “Heron” in Kanji. In Zen Buddhism the Heron represents ‘Being Present’. Watching a hunting heron, it is clear that nothing else exists beyond the present moment…in perfect stillness they stand poised to strike. The legs in this piece are made from naturally weathered Juniper branches, the left of which is a tree-grown knee. The natural weathering, strength, and durability of the Juniper, captures the enduring patience and unhurried precision of a Heron.

1/3 scale available in bronze (see bronze gallery).

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